1. Working for Exposure branding typography atlanta photography cms travel modernism philadelphia symbol logo identity x globe exposure
    View Working for Exposure
    Working for Exposure
  2. Skateboard in a bottle logo identity illustration skate shop new hampshire bottle skate skateboard
    View Skateboard in a bottle
    Skateboard in a bottle
  3. Woody character skate skateboarding new hampshire portsmouth skate shop branding identity illustration tree
    View Woody
  4. Good Morning philadelphia morning caphe roasters vietnamese kettle mug coffee illustration
    View Good Morning
    Good Morning
  5. RE/MADE modernist butterfly logo identity branding vector philadelphia illustration
    View RE/MADE
  6. A designers two cents mint philadelphia currency penny pennies vintage illustration
    View A designers two cents
    A designers two cents
  7. Càphê Roasters - Coffee Packaging typography packaging coffee vietnamese gold foil identity branding philadelphia illustration
    View Càphê Roasters - Coffee Packaging
    Càphê Roasters - Coffee Packaging
  8. Group X — Brand Concept art wheatpaste hydra mythical creature symbol illustration x dragon public art
    View Group X — Brand Concept
    Group X — Brand Concept
  9. Dragon + X philadelphia visual identity illustration typography
    View Dragon + X
    Dragon + X
  10. 🌀👁 Universal Patterns 👁🌀 ligatures typography spiral wallpaper icon galaxy eye visual identity branding pattern
    View 🌀👁 Universal Patterns 👁🌀
    🌀👁 Universal Patterns 👁🌀
  11. It's Just Another Magic Monday texture identity branding typography illustration stars magic
    View It's Just Another Magic Monday
    It's Just Another Magic Monday
  12. Deck the halls with depositions christmas card lawyers los angeles holiday card holidays depositions court reporting old style typography blackletter
    View Deck the halls with depositions
    Deck the halls with depositions
  13. Sounds of the Rail Park audio audio tour vintage illustration philadelphia the rail park podcast art
    View Sounds of the Rail Park
    Sounds of the Rail Park
  14. Top Secret (Los Angeles  / Worldwide) los angeles typography shield court human resources legal laywer court reporting steno classified document spy vintage
    View Top Secret (Los Angeles / Worldwide)
    Top Secret (Los Angeles / Worldwide)
  15. Told with Exposure geometric kodak polaroid vintage branding brand identity logo philadelphia atlanta storytelling photography camera exposure
    View Told with Exposure
    Told with Exposure
  16. E✴ interconnected x logo globe logo planet 3d stories photography geometric modern icon illustration heart star
    View E✴
  17. Rail Park Sun badge philadelphia
    View Rail Park Sun
    Rail Park Sun
  18. Càphê Roasters Branding menu loyalty card stool vibrant brilliant hand-drawn dragon wordmark illustration logo vietnam philadelphia branding coffee branding
    View Càphê Roasters Branding
    Càphê Roasters Branding
  19. Coffee Dragon - Càphê Roasters vietnamese vietnam stamp icon logo identity texture branding vector illustration philadelphia dragon
    View Coffee Dragon - Càphê Roasters
    Coffee Dragon - Càphê Roasters
  20. Steno Shield Badge badge laurels stars court reporting legal lawyers foil vector icon logo shield
    View Steno Shield Badge
    Steno Shield Badge
  21. S&D Greatest Hits Vol. 1 2013 - 2020 geometric typography philadelphia visual identity branding logolounge icons badges marks
    View S&D Greatest Hits Vol. 1 2013 - 2020
    S&D Greatest Hits Vol. 1 2013 - 2020
  22. Human Exposures texture icons portrait human venture capital
    View Human Exposures
    Human Exposures
  23. Elixr Coffee Case Study wings coffee philadelphia bee illustration crown animation queen bee
    View Elixr Coffee Case Study
    Elixr Coffee Case Study
  24. Elixr Coffee Case Study stamp packaging case study logo identity illustration philadelphia branding coffee packaging
    View Elixr Coffee Case Study
    Elixr Coffee Case Study
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